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Is HCG Right For You?

How does HCG help me to lose those unwanted pounds, reshape my body, increase my energy levels and reset my metabolism?

HCG enables your hypothalamus to mobilize your stored fat cells throughout your body. When incorporating a VLCD (Very Low Caloric Diet) HCG promotes the use of our stored body fat as the preferred choice of fuel for your body.

Your body will burn up to approximately 2,000 calories of stored fat per day, thus allowing your body to not go into the starvation mode while in the reducing phase of our weight loss program. People often lose between .5 – 1 pound of fat per day.

While some HCG protocols promote a 500 calorie a day diet. At MediPro Direct Slim™, we believe that is dangerously low and encourage a well balanced diet, rich in nutrition and organic foods, to include roughly 850-1,250 calories per day of healthy nutritious foods.

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